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Laundry ninja stuns viewers with wild replacement for fabric softener: 'I really didn't believe it'

"Vinegar is good for just about everything."

White vinegar, replacement for fabric softener

Photo Credit: @thats.so.roxy / TikTok

A video shared by a TikTok user named Roxy (@that.so.roxy) shows how she successfully replaced fabric softener with a household staple you probably have in your kitchen right now.

According to the video, the TikToker says they are not using fabric softeners anymore, showing a jug of Downy, a popular brand of fabric softener, followed by a big jug of white vinegar. 

"Yes this fabric softener does its job, but I've noticed how white vinegar leaves my clothes squeaky clean," the TikToker captions the video shared with their 15,000 followers.

@thats.so.roxy Yes this fabric softener does its job but I've noticed how white vinegar leaves my clothes squeaky clean, try it & let me know what you think ! #laundryhacks #vinegarhacks #whitevinegarhacks #fabricsoftener #cleantok #downyfabricsoftener ♬ original sound - T Massey637

White vinegar has a cult following for its many uses around the house. The Spruce calls white vinegar a "miracle product" for its range of uses including as a cleaning product, weed killer, and even a dog shampoo.  

When it comes to laundry, The Spruce says it has so many laundry-related uses that it's often stored next to detergents. In addition to softening fabrics, it can remove tough stains, and it helps break down detergent for fresher-smelling clothes.

But perhaps the best part of swapping vinegar in for your fabric softener — or any other store-bought product for that matter — is the price. While a gallon-sized jug of fabric softener will cost you about $13 at Target, the same amount of vinegar will cost you just $4.

TikTokers were quick to sing vinegar's praises. 

"I really didn't believe it until I tried it about a year ago," one user comments. "It genuinely makes them softer and makes your clothes smell fresher and cleaner." 

Another TikToker says the tip helped them from throwing out all of their hand towels. "They kept smelling weird after washing and this killed the odor," they write. "Never better."

One TikToker says they've been doing this all of their life. "I use vinegar in almost all of my cleaning products," they say, and Roxy agrees, saying "Vinegar is good for just about everything."

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