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Homeowner receives onslaught of warnings after sharing concern for unassuming plant: 'Kill it with fire'

"In my experience, it is just as hard to get rid of as blackberry."

"In my experience, it is just as hard to get rid of as blackberry."

Photo Credit: Reddit

Immersing yourself in nature is a great way to reduce stress and take care of your mental health. Some may even go a step further by nurturing gardens and growing their own plants and food. However, not all plants are friendly to us or our surroundings.

One Redditor recently posted in the r/landscaping subreddit to ask for advice on how to save English ivy that their father-in-law recently cut.

"In my experience, it is just as hard to get rid of as blackberry."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Though the OP's intentions were good, commenters quickly discouraged the saving of the plant. English ivy is actually an invasive species that, if kept alive, could have caused a lot of damage. 

English ivy is just one example of an invasive species — plants or animals that are introduced to an environment that they do not belong in. They can cause harm to other plants and animals that live in that area because they can quickly spread and disrupt the balance of their new environment.

In another Reddit thread, people shared what it looks like when an invasive species takes over: a forest was completely covered in a green plant called kudzu. Kudzu is similar to English ivy because it can grow extremely fast and suffocate the trees it grows on.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, English ivy grows quickly and can climb up trees, making it hard for them to get sunlight. This is especially bad for trees that lose their leaves in winter because the ivy takes advantage of the extra light. The weight of the ivy can cause trees to be damaged during storms as well. 

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Not only does English ivy damage trees, but it can also be harmful to people and animals. The leaves and fruit of the plant are toxic to humans and livestock. Additionally, its sap can irritate the skin.

Redditors emphasized these points when they advocated for the destruction of the ivy under the original post. 

"Kill it with fire," one commenter said simply.

Another took the opportunity to educate the original Redditor while being sympathetic to their situation.

"In my experience it is just as hard to get rid of as blackberry," they commented. "I am sure it was dismaying to see your relative do something in your landscaping without your permission but my guess is he was acting based on knowing the evil that is English ivy."

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