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Expert warns about major thermostat mistake that could be costing you: '[It] will cause your bills to go way up'

This tip can help you save money during those chilly winter months.

This tip can help you save money during those chilly winter months.

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Ever wonder what the "em heat" setting is on your home's electric heater and why it matters? 

To avoid this setting, and to lower your winter electric bills, try to practice mindfulness when it comes to your home's thermostat. Paying attention to what you set your thermostat on can leave a lasting impression on your bills during the winter, as one TikToker recently shared

The scoop

TikTok user mtassociationky (@mtassociationky) warns viewers that if you have electric heat, and likely a heat pump, increasing your thermostat by more than two degrees at a time can trigger the emergency heat setting. 

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He notes, "[It] will cause your bills to go way up." He also provides a helpful hack to avoid the problem, saying, "Don't turn your heat up by more than two degrees at a time."

During the winter months, most households set their electric heaters on a temperature that leaves them feeling warm and cozy. However, by increasing the temperature by three or four degrees at a time, most people don't realize this small act is what's causing their system to kick into "em heat" mode.

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How it's helping

Depending on which part of the country you live in, the winter season can bring harsh temperatures and brutal conditions. 

Given that modern households rely so heavily on centralized heating and cooling, this hack is one of many that can help save money during those chilly periods by decreasing the amount of energy the unit requires to function. Not only will it keep more money in the bank, but it will also help decrease overall energy consumption. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as of March 2023, space heating accounted for 45% of energy consumption in American households in 2020, making it the largest household energy expense. 

It is also recommended to use a programmable thermostat, which can help avoid the urge to increase your temp too quickly manually and accidentally trigger emergency heat mode. With lower energy consumption comes less pollution, which means healthier and happier people, plants, and animals.

What everyone's saying

Over 120 TikTokers "loved" this helpful hack and over 35 users "saved" it. The video was also shared over 20 times. That means there could be more than 120 households out there that have committed to a lower bill and a more energy-conscious lifestyle.

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