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Electric yard tools are finally becoming the superior way to take care of your lawn — here's why

Electric yard equipment is now in the same price range as traditional gas-powered options.

Electric yard equipment is now in the same price range as traditional gas-powered options.

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Gardening and lawn care can be healthy activities for both you and the environment — but if you're doing it with noisy, smelly, toxic tools, things get more complicated. 

Gas-powered lawn mowers, edge trimmers, and leaf blowers produce harmful air pollution that causes health issues and helps heat up the planet — one of the many reasons that over 100 U.S. cities have either banned or restricted their use. 

Thankfully, the technology behind electric yard tools has never been better, leaving us with countless quieter, safer, and more efficient options. 

What are electric yard tools?

For all the major gas appliances for your yard, there are electric equivalents. These include lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and snowblowers.

Since they don't burn fuel to run, electric tools don't produce any toxic air pollution. They're also much quieter, protecting your ears from damage that can build up over time. 

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Plus, you can skip the messy fuel refills and gas storage issues that come with using traditional equipment. Battery capacity has even gotten higher in recent years, with many devices running for an hour or more before needing a charge.

How will electric yard tools save me money?

After years of improvements in electric tool technology, electric yard equipment is in the same price range as the traditional gas-powered versions — once you account for the savings on gas. 

Electric tools run on rechargeable batteries — a way cheaper fuel source than gas. After a few years, this can save hundreds of dollars, not to mention the time saved on trips to the gas station.

Additionally, many of these tools can share batteries with one another (generally if you stick to one brand), saving you even more costs down the road. 

How many batteries do I need for my yard work?

Different sizes of battery packs with differing capacities are available for many yard tools. The larger the pack's capacity, the longer it will last and the more work you can do in one charge. 

The 5.0 amp-hour batteries from EGO are a good example of what to use for small, handheld tools, while the 7.5 amp-hour ones are for mowers and leaf blowers.

If one pack just won't cut it, you can buy two and use one while the other is charging — or get a dual charger. By swapping them out as needed, you can work continuously for hours.

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