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Early adopter sparks excitement showing off high-tech robot lawn mower: 'Spending money to save time'

"I will definitely be purchasing one of these!"

Electric lawn mower

Photo Credit: u/JTE1990 / Reddit

For one Redditor tired of spending their limited time on lawn care, an automatic electric lawn mower was the ideal solution.

The subreddit r/Frugal usually focuses on ways to save money. Users offer each other affordable recipes, recommendations of long-lasting products, and tips for making household items last. But this Redditor has a different approach. 

"Time being one of the most valuable things in our life, we should be wise to how it's used," the original poster says, adding that they're "spending money to save time."

The Redditor proceeds to give a detailed account of how their lawn mower works and why they purchased it. 

"I have a week on, week off schedule with lots of overtime," they write. "Add in weather and I couldn't mow for 3 weeks at a time and you could imagine the outcome."

They explain that they bought the lawn mower and accessories for a total of $1,200 in May 2020, and spent some of their own time installing the wire that marks the edge of the yard. With that in place, they say the mower will "bounce off the boundaries in a way to get every portion of your yard."

Electric lawn mowers are growing in popularity because they have many advantages over traditional ones. They're quiet, lightweight, and easy to maintain. They also charge from an outlet instead of burning fuel for energy, which means they don't produce smelly fumes or heat-trapping gases that stay in the atmosphere. 

Electric push mowers are available, but advances in technology have also produced independent systems like this Redditor's — and even AI-driven ones that can detect obstacles and function without guide wires. 

The Redditor says that a self-driving mower is "a bigger investment, but it saves the most important thing in life, time."

Commenters were enthusiastic about the tip. 

"If and when I buy a house someday I will definitely be purchasing one of these!" says one. "And $1200 does not seem too bad at all for saving all that time." 

Another says, "The way I laughed when I realized this was like the Robovac of lawnmowers… What a brilliant idea. Worth the cost I reckon."

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