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Sustainability expert shares simple method for healthier plant growth: 'Packed with calcium and a bunch of other super important minerals'

Making your own compost is one of the easiest ways to save money and boost your green thumb.

Making your own compost is one of the easiest ways to save money and boost your green thumb.

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Next time you're making eggs for breakfast, don't toss those shells — use them to make a simple and affordable compost instead.

The scoop

Instagram account Sustainability Matters (@SustainabilityMattersVA) posted a short video explaining the two-step process for taking eggs from shell to soil.

"Eggshells are packed with calcium and a bunch of other super important minerals for plant growth that you typically find in a store-bought fertilizer," the host explains. "All you have to do is put them in the oven for a few minutes to kill all that bad bacteria. Then, grind them into a fine powder and sprinkle them at the base of your plants once every 2-4 weeks."

Some commenters had already tried the hack and found success. A few had even innovated on it: "I just let them sit out to dry for a couple of days then crush with mortar," one person wrote. "No need for electricity with [the] oven or food processor."

"I just hand crush my shells and toss them into the compost bags," another echoed.

Regardless, everyone agreed with the video's message. "Stop throwing out your used eggshells. You're throwing away money every time you do."

How it's helping

Making your own compost is one of the easiest ways to save money, boost your green thumb, and reduce your carbon footprint, all in one simple step. 

Nearly 30% of the garbage that goes to landfills could be composted instead. Choosing to compost keeps landfills freer of pollutants and has the double benefit of sequestering carbon in the soil instead of releasing it into the air.

The uses for compost at home are multifold: It's great for growing everything from flowers to vegetables, enriching the soil, preventing erosion, and even substituting for mulch in landscaping. Compost improves the health of soil by introducing important vitamins and minerals, helping it to attract beneficial microorganisms and retain moisture.

One of the most impactful ways to use compost is to grow your own food

Homegrown produce is not only less expensive, but it's literally more nutritious. The very act of keeping a garden has been linked to improved health and reduced stress. A garden full of vegetables — or native plants — also provides habitats and sustenance for critical local pollinators and wildlife

For all of these reasons, composting has been growing in the U.S. According to the U.S. Composting Council, both the tonnage of compost processed and the number of composting facilities have increased since 2019.

What everyone's saying

Viewers were excited to try out the hack. "Good idea," one person wrote. "Thank you!"

If you've never tried composting, this is the perfect way to get started. You can also check out TCD's step-by-step guide to composting for more details.

And if you ever find yourself with too many eggshells, try using them as stain remover instead to avoid using chemicals.

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