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Cleaning expert reveals why you should never throw away your egg shells: ‘Who needs bleach?’

“The calcium in the egg shell is actually a natural stain remover.”

Hack for using eggshells to fight stains

Photo Credit: @tweakitclub / Tiktok

If you frequently stain your white shirts, you may often find yourself reaching for the bleach. But there’s another secret ingredient in your kitchen that can keep your shirts stain-free: eggshells. 

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The scoop

In a recent video, TikToker Tweakit (@tweakitclub) adds crushed egg shells with a few slices of lemon to a mesh bag. The bag soaks in water with the stained clothing until the stains have lifted and are as white as new. 

“The calcium in the egg shell is actually a natural stain remover,” the video explains.

@tweakitclub Who needs bleach when you have egg shells? 🤔 Just don't get confused and try to make an omelette with your cleaning products 🙃 #ecohacks #naturalcleaninghacks #ecodiy #sustainableliving #sustainability #Tweakit ♬ original sound – Tweakit

Tweakit went on to write in the caption, “Who needs bleach when you have egg shells? Just don’t get confused and try to make an omelette with your cleaning products.”

Eggshells have other household uses besides being a bleach alternative. For example, a gardener on TikTok recently shared her hack for making fertilizer with dried crushed eggshells in a separate video. This hack, which only requires a blender and dried eggshells, can help repel garden insects and promote plant growth.

How it’s helping

Repurposing eggshells to make a free DIY stain remover saves you money on toxic cleaning products like bleach. 

Using bleach also comes with potential health risks. Bleach is highly corrosive, reactive, and noxious. Unless proper precautions are taken, it can cause skin irritation and damage if it permeates past the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, or mouth. Egg shells, on the other hand, are significantly safer. 

There are also many environmental benefits to repurposing your leftover shells. Egg shells are most often discarded in the trash after peeling or cracking, thus contributing to surmounting landfill levels. 

Food is currently the most significant component of municipal solid waste, contributing to an astonishing 22% of landfill space and an average rate of 325 pounds of waste per person yearly. Landfills are notorious contributors of methane, a planet-warming gas released when food decomposes. 

What everyone’s saying

Commenters praised Tweakit’s creative hack

One user replied, “Whaatt this is soo cool,” while another said, “Awesome tip!!” 

It’s clear that viewers now have another reason to eat more eggs for breakfast. 

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