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5 eco-friendly kitchen upgrades to feel great about

Compared to traditional home renovations, these upgrades will save you money, too.

Eco-friendly Home Improvments

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Now that you've decided to put some work into improving your kitchen, make sure you do it right! Here are five eco-friendly kitchen improvements that will keep your home clean and green:


Install an induction stove top with a convection oven

An induction stove

Induction stoves are the future of cooking. With these stoves, you can cook food more quickly than you can with gas stoves, which emit harmful methane gas into your home. They also efficiently direct heat to your cookware, keeping you and your kitchen cool. The convection oven is another eco-friendly appliance that works faster than traditional options. Convection ovens use one-fifth less energy than gas ovens, meaning you'll save on your energy bill with convection ovens, too. 


Resurface your cabinets instead of buying new ones

Resurface cabinets

Buying new cabinets can cost an arm and a leg. By choosing to resurface your cabinet doors, you can upgrade your kitchen's look without paying for a whole cabinet makeover. Adding wooden cabinet doors instead of replacing your cabinets entirely can also help keep materials out of landfills. 


Use energy-efficient lights

energy-efficient lights in kitchen

The cheapest form of lighting is natural lighting. So if you're designing your kitchen from scratch, prioritizing this option will bring in free and beautiful light to your kitchen. If you're just thinking about switching out some bulbs, go for LEDs. These lights last way longer than incandescent bulbs and can reduce your energy bill, too!


Paint your kitchen with eco-friendly paint

Painting kitchen with eco-friendly paint

Why coat your kitchen walls with toxic paint if cleaner and greener options are out there? Using natural paints can help make sure you aren't unnecessarily exposed to volatile compounds or toxic chemicals. These paint alternatives are often solvent-free, and look great as well.


Use chic bamboo or cork flooring

chic bamboo in eco-friendly kitchen

Cork is a great, naturally-sourced option for flooring. It is hypoallergenic and also resists the growth of mildew and mold. If cork isn't for you, bamboo represents another eco-friendly flooring option. This fast-growing plant can help supply the renewable materials to upgrade your kitchen floors.

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