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Homeowner shares stunning before-and-after photos after removing her front lawn: 'A wise and beautiful decision'

"It's dog approved, too."

Drought-tolerant plants

Photo Credit: @eco.amical / Tiktok

One eco-friendly TikToker has embraced the #nolawn, sustainable landscape — and the results were lovely.  

The TikTok video, shows her two-year lawn transformation from a barren patch of dirt with a few stones to a lush green carpet of drought-tolerant plants.

"Two summers ago I removed my front lawn to reduce water consumption," Lan says in the clip. "I got some stonecrop from a friend and started planting."

@eco.amical 2 summers ago I removed my front lawn to reduce water consumption. I tried planting creeping thyme, but that didn't work. I got some stone crop from a friend and started planting.  Here is the update. I got some low crawling drought tolerant plants. I like that they are different colors of green. The snow melted not too long ago so the plants didn't fully grow in. I don't know all the names of the plants and got them from different neighbors.   Many of these will grow flowers in the summertime which is great for bees and insects and it's dog approved too. #nolawn #saynotolawns #reducewaterconsumption #ecofriendly #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Ghibli Shorts

"I like that they're different colors of green," Lan narrates while displaying her transformed yard, adding that at the time the video was filmed, the snow in her yard had just melted, so the plants were not fully in bloom yet.

"Many of these will have flowers in the summertime, which is great for bees and insects, and it's dog approved, too," she adds. 

The move reflects a growing trend among homeowners who are reconsidering traditional lawns due to their substantial watering needs and environmental impact. Lawns require a lot of water, maintenance, pesticides, and fertilizers, which cost a fortune and can also pollute our groundwater and harm local ecosystems. 

By replacing lawns with drought-tolerant native plants, Lan and other homeowners can significantly reduce their water usage and maintenance requirements, saving money while also creating a space for local wildlife to thrive.

Companies like Yardzen can even help you design your own gorgeous native-plant yard tailored to your specific geographic region and personal taste. 

In the comments, fellow #nolawn'ers shared their own tips and tricks.

"There's also an amazing ground cover originally from South Africa called Dymondea Margaritae Silver Carpet one TikTok user.

"Tip: Get native strawberries. Best ground cover and so yummy," suggested another. 

"This is a wise and beautiful decision," admired a third user. 

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