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Baker shares 'fabulous' hassle-free way to make perfect muffins: 'How did I not know this?'

"Such a fabulous simple tip."

"Such a fabulous simple tip."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Who doesn't love a tasty homemade muffin every once in a while? A sweet treat is always welcome, and now, you can make this treat even sweeter by incorporating eco-friendly habits into your baking routine.

The scoop

In an Instagram video post, Jordan Pie (@jordiepieface) shared a kitchen hack to make your own reusable muffin cups. 

The process is as straightforward as it gets. 

All you need is a muffin tray, baking paper, scissors, and some oil. You simply cut your baking paper into a square, fold it into fourths, and cut slits along each fold. 

Then, drizzle your muffin tray with oil to prevent sticking, place the baking paper over the hole, and use a circular glass to push the muffin cup into place. 

Immediately, the baking paper takes on the shape of the muffin tray to create a perfect fit.

How it's helping

This hack creates muffin cups tailored to your baking needs. You can cut bigger or smaller squares of paper to fit into your muffin tray. As Jordan suggests, you can even select baking paper that is "unbleached, chlorine free and compostable."

Compostable paper can be dealt with even if you don't have your own composting bin. You can find green bins dedicated to compostable materials in many municipalities. If you can't find one, you can also partake in a network like ShareWaste.

This hack also helps reduce waste because the DIY muffin cups can be easily cleaned or wiped down, ready for another round. So you eat as many as you want guilt-free, especially if you bake healthier alternatives, such as a beet-based chocolate muffin.

What everyone's saying

Other Instagrammers responded positively to the hack, with many people showing interest in trying it out.

"Such a fabulous simple tip," one person said.

"Yasssss how did I not know this!!!" exclaimed one commenter, with three shocked emoji faces for emphasis.

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