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Instagrammer shares hack for making healthy-ish 'chocolate' muffins out of beets: 'Looks so yummy'

"I'm excited to try to make these!"

Chocolate muffin

For a decadent double chocolate muffin high in nutrients and low in fat, Instagrammer Christine Lan (@ecoamical) has a suggestion: Just add beets.

In her video from July, she explains, "Beets are not only for salads. I like to use them in baked goods because I don't have to use as much butter or oil in my baking." 

In fact, the recipe she posted in the comments uses no butter at all and only a quarter cup of grapeseed oil. Nevertheless, the muffin she shows off in the video looks moist and satisfying, and Lan praises the natural sweetness from the beets.

Lan's video shows a sped-up version of the entire baking process, from mixing the ingredients to slicing and biting into her chocolatey dessert. In the comments, she clarifies that she includes the beets by using a puree made from steaming fresh beets. 

As Lan explains, the recipe contains more minerals and fiber than your average chocolate muffin.

Adding vegetables to baked goods is just one of the healthy life hacks Lan shares. Her Instagram Story highlights are full of recipes using natural, plant-based ingredients, like candied orange peel, cantaloupe seed milk, and watermelon rind salad. 

If you want to eat a little healthier, plant-based alternatives to animal products are an easy way to cut out fat from your diet. Using often-overlooked parts from your produce also adds variety, saves money, and is an effective way to sneak in extra nutrients, like the magnesium in the cantaloupe seeds. 

Finally, this kind of thrifty cooking also reduces food waste to protect the environment.

"Looks so yummy," said one commenter. Another asked about the recipe and added, "I'm excited to try to make these!!"

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