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Gardener reveals simple pruning trick to increase yearly fruit harvest: 'We gardeners have to be brutal'

"You need to do this."

Bigger grapes, Gardener reveals trick to increase yearly fruit harvest

Photo Credit: @thecottagepeach / Instagram

A popular Instagrammer is showing her followers a special trick to grow bigger grapes, and it involves only one tool: clippers. 

In the clip, Dagny Kream (@thecottagepeach), who has a following of 110,000 people, takes us into her garden to show us how she makes the best of her grape vines. 

"If you don't want your grapes to be too small, then you need to do this," she says

The scoop

Kream begins the video by showing viewers exactly what part of the grapevine should be cut off to make sure they grow bigger. 

"To prune the clusters we need to do two things," she says, before going on to show and explain how the process works and how it can apparently give gardeners a greater abundance of large grapes. 

How it's helping 

Homeowners may not realize the numerous benefits of growing their own food in their gardens. Let's begin with the most straightforward advantage: Gardening involves physical activity, which is beneficial for human health

Saving money in the long run is the most apparent benefit, as it eliminates the need to purchase fruits and vegetables from stores. 

However, there are additional advantages to consider beyond money and physical well-being. Depending on your location and where you shop, store-bought produce, including grapes, is often wrapped in environmentally harmful plastic

The United States alone discards approximately 40 million tons of plastic waste each year, with only a meager 5% being recycled (which is better but still requires energy that pollutes the air). 

These discarded materials often find their way into waterways and oceans, potentially taking centuries to decompose and negatively impacting the health of aquatic animals and humans alike. 

What everyone's saying 

"I didn't know this. We gardeners have to be so brutal," one person wrote.

"Wow! What an incredible tip for a more fruitful harvest! Definitely painful to watch though," another added.

Another viewer admitted, "This is so interesting. Love this!"

"Soon enough I'll be making grape jelly," Dagny Kream, the original poster, wrote in the comments. 

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