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Gardening expert shares crucial pinching advice for growing thriving cucumbers: 'This was just what I needed to see'

"I will definitely be doing this."

Tip for growing cucumbers at home

Photo Credit: @theyoungnonno / Instagram

A trending Instagram Reel is showing viewers the best way to grow fresh cucumbers. 

The video by The Young Nonno (@theyoungnonno), who has over 85,000 followers, displays images of cucumber plants with some catchy music in the background. 

"Try this for better airflow, pollination and production," the video's caption says. 

The scoop

The Reel begins with what appears to be a garden where numerous cucumbers are growing. 

We then see a person holding a plant and are told this is how to get "better airflow and pollination," and to "prevent leaf mold and mildew … prune off excess growth by removing cucumber suckers."

This is done by pinching off certain parts of the plant that slow cucumber growth, as the video demonstrates.  

"Look for them at each leaf up the vine," reads the video's text, and make sure to "prevent intersecting branches."  

The Reel claims that by following the instructions, you will have "longer lasting vines and tastier cucumbers."

How it's helping

Homeowners might not be aware of the numerous advantages of cultivating their own food in their gardens. 

For one, gardening entails physical activity, which can be beneficial for human health in many ways. 

Another one of the most evident benefits is saving money in the long run, as it eliminates the need to purchase fruits and vegetables from stores. 

Plus, studies have shown that canned and packaged foods can contain various chemical contaminants, including metals, which aren't good for our health. 

What everyone's saying

"I didn't know cucumbers had suckers! I will definitely be doing this tomorrow," one commenter wrote.

"This was just what I needed to see," another added. 

"Do you have a video showing your full trellis set up for your cucumbers?" one commenter asked. 

Perhaps that could be future material for an entirely new video on cucumber gardening. 

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