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Gardener shares the 'amazing' reason you should be growing garlic with your vegetables: 'I highly recommend [it]'

"A great method."

Companion planting

Photo Credit: @kira_dauntless / TikTok

A TikTok posted by Kira Gaylik (@kira_dauntless) showed off her attempt at companion planting — specifically, the three sisters' version. Viewers were stunned by the exciting results.

If you're just starting your spring garden planning, this growing method could be a major tip. Not only does it naturally enhance the health of your plants, but it also diversifies your vegetable yield.

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The scoop

Companion gardening is the practice of planting different varieties of vegetables, herbs, and spices together in ways that mutually benefit each other. 

Planting garlic, for example, can help deter aphids, so planting them alongside other produce will naturally protect them from pesky pests.

In her TikTok, Gaylik begins her companion planting project by forming small mounds and putting corn seeds inside. Once the baby corn seedlings are "the size of her hand," she plants pole green beans, which eventually find support on the corn stalk as they grow. The green beans, in return, enrich the soil with nitrogen, which then helps the corn plant grow.

Once those two vegetables have a chance to take root and grow a bit more, Gaylik plants spaghetti squash in between the mounds, which helps in preventing weeds from setting up shop, as well as retaining additional moisture.

The result is a healthy, sustainable plant ecosystem and a whole bunch of fresh produce. 

"I highly recommend this planting method — it was amazing," Kira says at the end of the video.

How it's helping

Beyond allowing gardeners an opportunity to creatively mix and match vegetable varieties, linking together their various characteristics for mutually beneficial effects, it's also an opportunity to help reduce pesticide usage, which can cause all sorts of ecological problems.

Pesticides have been linked to shocking levels of insect extinction, so a method that both increases produce yield and naturally defends against pests may prove to be a vital tool in changing the agricultural status quo.

And, as an added bonus, it's less work for gardeners to maintain, since the plants don't require as much tending as they would if they were planted in isolation.

What everyone's saying

Proving that the utility of different plants is only limited by one's imagination, one TikToker comments, "[The] 4th sister is Sunflowers, to protect from wind." 

Companion planting doesn't necessarily only apply to vegetables. Using a sunflower is a great example of an otherwise cosmetic growth being used for a practical purpose.

Another comment validates the value of the video by simply saying, "3 sisters is a great method 🥰."

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