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Thrilled thrifter reveals how they found a 20-year-old vintage Coach bag for just $25: 'I've been looking for one'

The black leather bag was originally made in 2001, and the user bought it for just $25.

Coach bag

Photo Credit: u/sovietgoat99 / Reddit

Is there anything more exciting than stumbling across a precious gem while thrifting

Well, one Reddit user uncovered a vintage Coach bag at their local thrift store. The black leather bag was originally made in 2001, and the user bought it for just $25.

Popularity in thrift shopping is on the rise, with people flocking to social media to share their most exciting purchases. One user shared an image of a beautiful vintage lamp that they thrifted for just $1, while another headed to TikTok to share the best hacks for finding exactly what you want if you try thrift shopping online. 

A 2022 report found that North America is the leading country in the global secondhand market, which is set to double by 2026 to reach an impressive $82 billion a year. 

More shoppers opting to buy more secondhand items helps to reduce the overall impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. 

According to online thrift store thredUp, more than 100 billion clothing garments are produced each year while 73% of apparel is sent to landfill and incinerated, which releases harmful gases into the atmosphere and contributes to the warming of the planet. 

Their report also states that buying one used item instead of new clothing reduces harmful air pollution by an average of 25% each wear.

Alongside being environmentally sustainable, thrift shopping also saves money and gives shoppers a thrill when hunting for a bargain.

One user comments, "Ohh jealous! I have been looking for one of the old turn lock coach bags forever! I can only find them at vintage stores for $100." 

The original poster shares words of encouragement on the post, telling fellow Reddit users, "keep looking, you'll find [a vintage coach bag] when you least expect it like me!!"

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