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Uppity neighbor has wildly inappropriate reaction to homeowner's money-saving yard addition: 'People should just deal'

"I want that neighbor to see line drying as commonplace."

“I want that neighbor to see line drying as commonplace.”

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A user recently took to Reddit to share their neighbor's hilarious complaints about the user's clothesline. 

The Reddit poster with the clothesline isn't facing fines — but they say they did receive a note taped to their door that has the comment section in stitches. 

Referring to the letter's colorful phrasing, the poster says, "I make the neighborhood look 'third world' like hillbillies live here; my hanging clothes are eyesores that lower property values … my clothes 'decay the neighborhood' … When I hang my wife's clothes, it's 'indecent' & visible to children."

One sarcastic commenter replies, "How can you even think to hang clothes out to dry? That's completely uncivilized!" 

Another adds, "Oh no, can't let the neighborhood kids know you have clothing! The horror!"

This Redditor isn't the first to face resistance over what might seem like simple money-saving and eco-friendly additions to their property. Many homeowners have struggled to get approval from the local homeowners association for solar panels, and one New York City resident recently had a conflict with their apartment co-op over trading a gas stove for an electric one. 

Fox even reported on Denise Wuetcher, a woman in Venice, Florida, whose outdoor clothesline got her a $2,500 fine, despite the fact that she has the legally protected right to use it. Wuetcher undertook a long legal battle to assert that right.

Other commenters are slightly more understanding. "I guess I can understand not wanting to feel awkward and have your neighbor's underwear in view as you are trying to mow your lawn or whatever, even if I think people should just deal," says one user. Even so, they conclude, "Trying to play the 'think of the children!' card is embarrassing here."

The original poster is also unimpressed with the letter writer's concerns, and says they responded in the pettiest way possible. "I washed every dog blanket, comforter, towel, bath mat, dish rag, etc. in a fit of spring cleaning, and hung laundry every sunny day of the week. I showed the letter to neighbors I trust and with my help they started line drying too!" 

They do say they aren't acting out of spite, but rather, "I want that neighbor to see line drying as commonplace."

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