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Homeowner shares simple air conditioning hack that could slash your energy bill in minutes: '[The] difference was phenomenal'

"We didn't know why our system was barely working."

"We didn't know why our system was barely working."

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Want to reduce your electricity bill? Give this 10-minute trick a try.

The scoop

ABC Everyday and ABC Hobart (@abc_everyday, @abchobart) posted a video to Instagram sharing how spending a few minutes cleaning your AC unit can lead to big savings on your bill.

The video's description asks: "When was the last time you cleaned the filters in your air-conditioning unit? With electricity prices on the rise, it's a simple task that can save you money and keep you warm in winter."

The narrator walked through the steps to clean the filter: "Normally, you can just pop your aircon unit open and slide the filters out. Then vacuum the filters. You can wash them and wait for them to dry, or just wipe them down. Then vacuum and wipe the aircon down and slide the filters back in."

How it's helping

Regularly cleaning your air conditioning unit extends its lifespan and reduces your costs. By keeping your unit clean, it operates more efficiently, resulting in less frequent usage and a lower electric bill. 

To maximize your savings, consider switching to energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star appliances were developed to be more energy-efficient — saving you money in the long run — and just as effective. Other tricks, like keeping your vents open, can also help you save money while reducing energy consumption.

If you're interested in making your household more energy-efficient, WattBuy is a great place to start. Simply input your ZIP code and WattBuy will recommend an energy plan for your area. The site also shows how certain changes, like installing solar panels, smart thermostats, and LED light bulbs, will impact your bill.

The Cool Down also has guides filled with information and resources to support your journey, like turning your house into a smart home.

What everyone's saying

Many users in the comments stressed the importance of frequently cleaning the filters.

"We didn't know why our system was barely working and cleaned the filters — [the] difference was phenomenal!" one user said. "Electricity usage went down! Warmth went up!" 

For one user, it's more than just saving money. A dirty unit "smells so musty and terrible when the dust builds up!!" they said. 

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