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Shopper flaunts unbelievable find after thrifting for Christmas gifts: 'I don't think I could part with those'

The Reddit community was blown away by the poster's find.

The Reddit community was blown away by the poster’s find.

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Getting a huge discount on clothing and household items is a major appeal of thrifting, but it's also the thrill of the hunt that keeps people coming back. 

One shopper experienced that thrifter's high when she scored a pair of designer shoes for just $10.99 at her local Salvation Army

She flaunted her unbelievable find, a pair of elegant sandals from the French luxury fashion brand Chloé, in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. Debating whether to keep them for herself or give them to her sister for Christmas last year, she asked Redditors for advice. 

The Reddit community was blown away by the poster's find.
Photo Credit: Reddit
The Reddit community was blown away by the poster's find.
Photo Credit: Reddit

"My whole family knows I thrift for gifts. My second sister is my 'big gift' person this year. I've already got a ton of nice things for her, and then I found these. No idea if they're legit, but they're also my size. Oh, the dilemma," she captioned the photos. 

If the sandals truly are authentic, the shopper got an amazing deal. According to the OP, they normally go for $100-$300 on secondhand sites and probably cost around $650 originally.

Believe it or not, thrifters are constantly finding unique, high-end items at heavily discounted prices. For example, one person scored a shoulder bag from the luxury British brand Launer, which they later found out was a favorite among the royal family. Another shopper found a designer Faherty sweater that normally costs $328 for just $6.49 at Goodwill. 

Thrifting keeps more money in your pocket while also keeping clothes and other discarded items out of landfills. 

On average, the typical American throws out around 81 pounds of clothing each year, 85% of which end up in landfills or burned, according to the California Public Interest Research Group. Buying secondhand extends the life of clothing and reduces pollution generated from the resource-intensive fashion industry.  

Many people are reaping the benefits of thrifting. In fact, the global secondhand clothing market is expected to nearly double by 2027, according to a recent thredUP report

The Reddit community was blown away by the poster's find and encouraged her to "look out for No. 1."

"I am typically the type of person who gets more excited about giving gifts to others but I don't think I could part with those," one person said

"From one oldest sister to the other, I give you permission to keep those for yourself and wear them on Christmas!" another added

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