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Thrift shopper stunned by the royal surprise they found inside a discounted shoulder bag: 'I hope it's the real deal'

"This is a really lovely bag."

Thrift shopper stunned by the royal surprise, Launer crossbody bag

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During a trip to the thrift store, one Redditor wanted to buy a simple black shoulder bag, a closet staple. They were shocked when they realized the unsuspecting bag they purchased was from a luxury British brand favored by Queen Elizabeth II. 

In a popular Reddit post, one user shared photos of the Launer crossbody bag they found at a secondhand shop. They did not realize the brand's royal status until they read the label inside the bag, declaring Launer has a royal warrant. 

The British monarchy issues royal warrants to companies whose goods and services are regularly purchased by the royal family. If brands supply their products regularly for more than five years, they qualify for the royal stamp of approval.

Launer received its royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth in 1968 after supplying her with handbags throughout the 1960s. 

Created by Sam Launer in 1940, the British company produces handbags, purses, and leather goods. Launer bags are known for their structured designs and signature twisted rope emblem. 

The Redditor scored a black leather bag with a gold chain strap and the brand's rope emblem. 

"I am just glad to have a date night bag," the Redditor commented. "Of course, I hope it's the real deal too!" 

Launer crossbody bag
Photo Credit: u/theothercrystal / Reddit
Launer crossbody bag
Photo Credit: u/theothercrystal / Reddit

Thrifting luxury bags can help you save hundreds of dollars because thrift store price tags tend to be much cheaper than retail prices. 

Launer bags have a hefty price tag, ranging from $1,550 to $4,200 depending on size, material, and style. This Redditor was happy with the low price they paid for a casual date night bag, regardless of whether the purse was real. 

Not only does thrifting help consumers save money, but it can benefit the environment as well. Leather production is often resource- and energy-intensive because of the water and land used to raise livestock and the chemicals needed to tan and treat leather. 

This bag could have ended up in a landfill, but instead, it received a second chance in the Redditor's closet, extending its life cycle. 

Fellow Redditors were impressed with this royal thrift store find in the comment section. 

One Redditor said, "Ty for introducing me to this brand. Beautiful!" 

"Great find," another user said. "It's a really lovely bag." 

A Redditor added, "That is stunning. Congrats!" 

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