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Opera singer sparks astonishment online after revealing where she purchased 'incredible' dress: 'I freaked out when I saw the price'

"You look incredible! That dress fits you like a glove!"

You look incredible! That dress fits you like a glove!”

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Thrifting is the best way to find affordable designer pieces, and another addition to the Reddit thread r/ThriftStoreHauls has proved that again. 

The photo features a gorgeous, floor-length black gown. The caption reads: "I'm an opera singer. Guess who found this $1,000 Chiara Boni gown for $15 at Salvation Army!" 

You look incredible! That dress fits you like a glove!
Photo Credit: Reddit

This is just one of countless luxury gems found by secondhand shoppers. Others include a $1,500 Brooks Brothers coat that sold for $45, a fine China set that sold for under $100, and a $990 art piece that a shopper managed to snag for just $24. 

Thrifting is a great option to have some extra fun while shopping by looking for one-of-a-kind items — and it's the perfect way to get luxury items without breaking the bank. 

Sure, it may take a little extra time and effort, but for some, being able to afford a dress like this would be out of the question. Other items, like high-end cookware, would have to be a large investment over time, but by thrifting, you can have them all at once and keep them to pass down through generations. 

On average, thrifters save around $1,700 per year, and their habit of buying secondhand makes a positive impact on the environment too.  

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The amount that clothing items are worn has declined over the years, putting more demand on the garment industry. The manufacturing of clothing pollutes the air and creates 20% of all wastewater globally — with a single t-shirt requiring over 700 gallons of water. 

Buying secondhand helps to lower the demand for new clothing while allowing you to change up your wardrobe whenever you want, and it gives you the opportunity to find crazy deals that wouldn't be available anywhere else. 

Redditors were blown away by how perfect the find was. "You look incredible! That dress fits you like a glove!" said one user. 

Others didn't even recognize the brand because their dresses are so far from an affordable price range. "Omg, get it! I had to google [the brand] at first too since I never shop at places like Saks and wasn't familiar with the brand. I freaked out when I saw the price!" the user wrote

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