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Homeowner desperate for solutions over neighbor's negligence with common backyard menace: 'I feel your pain'

"These people are inconsiderate."

"These people are inconsiderate."

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In August, a frustrated Redditor posted seeking advice for keeping stray cats away from their property — even though a neighbor is encouraging the feral felines.

The post appeared in r/BadNeighbors, a subreddit in which members discuss difficult experiences with the people in their communities. Some come there just to vent, while others seek suggestions for dealing with thorny situations.

"Our neighbors have allowed three stray cats to live on their porch for months now, which is not a problem," said this Redditor. "But these cats often come on our porch or lay on our driveways and we do not like cats."

The original poster said they'd tried speaking to the neighbor, who simply claimed the cats weren't theirs. They also approached animal control and were told the organization wouldn't come for stray cats. They even tried a cat alarm, "which is not really effective," they said.

"How can I keep these cats off our property permanently or force them to go somewhere else?" they asked.

Sadly, some commenters mocked the original poster for not liking cats or trying to bar them from the property, but this user has valid reasons to feel the way they do. Stray and outdoor cats pose a shockingly large risk to wildlife like birds, while cats live much shorter lives outdoors. Many even carry parasites that can infect humans.

A few of the commenters were more sympathetic. "OP, I feel your pain," said one user. "You would not be wrong if you trap the animals and send them to Animal Control."

They also fired back at the other commenters. "Most of these comments are like the very neighbor you speak of. These people are inconsiderate, crazy cat people. If these were dogs, the entire conversation would be different."

Another user suggested several other methods. "If you enjoy gardening, then there are several plants you could put in your yard that naturally repel them," they said. "If not, you can buy a commercial cat repellent. You can also try calling a local cat coalition that does trap and release, and ask them if they have any recommendations."

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