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Drone footage captures multimillion-dollar home teetering on cliff edge after landslide: 'Too close for comfort'

The landslides occurred following heavy rains in the area.

The landslides occurred following heavy rains in the area.

Photo Credit: X

Dramatic drone footage has shown how one California home narrowly missed destruction following a landslide, with the property practically inches away from the edge of a cliff.

What happened?

Storyful's images — which were uploaded by AccuWeather to X, formerly known as Twitter — show a mansion reportedly valued at $16 million in Dana Point still standing despite the land giving way beneath it. 

The neighboring property also had a near miss, with the earth and rocks at the side of it falling toward the ocean.

City officials told ABC7 LA that inspections found no immediate threat to either property.

"Too close for comfort," was how AccuWeather described the situation. 

Why is this so concerning?

According to AccuWeather, the landslides occurred following heavy rains in the area. Indeed, as CNN reported, nearly the whole population of California was under flood alerts by February 19, affecting 37 million people.

An atmospheric river — long, narrow regions in the atmosphere that transport water vapor outside of the tropics that can carry as much water as the mouth of the Mississippi River, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — has hit California at the start of 2024, bringing flash flooding events and mudslides. Many residents have been forced to evacuate. 

As NBC News reported, downtown Los Angeles had seen 14.38 inches of rainfall from January 1 until February 21. The yearly average rainfall is typically 14.26 inches.

Global heating caused by human-caused pollution can make rainfall and flooding events more intense, as a warmer climate can hold more water in the air. With that in mind, if temperatures continue to rise unsustainably, similar events should be expected in the future.

What should I do if faced with flooding?

If possible, stay out of the water. Not only is it important to try to remain dry, but unpredictable, potentially fast-flowing rainwater rivers present a risk of drowning, and that's enhanced by the possibility of the surge carrying debris.

Meanwhile, there's also a risk of these waters carrying diseases from sewage overflow and other related problems, and in some places, animals like snakes, crocodiles, and alligators could be caught up in the floodwater. 

Evacuating at the earliest opportunity is really important, and having a "go-bag" prepared if you live in flood-prone areas is a must. 

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