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Delivery driver sparks outrage online after sharing photo of ridiculously expensive and unnecessary order: 'They are the worst'

"Some people have more dollars than sense."

"Some people have more dollars than sense."

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One delivery driver's post about an order of bottled water drew heavy criticism from the r/Anticonsumption community.

"Buying 'fancy' water instead of a filter and reusable bottles," said the Redditor sharing the post, which consisted of a photo of the delivery.

In the photo, at least 16 boxes of Fiji-brand bottled water are visible. They come in multiple sizes and with more than one type of branding, probably containing an assortment of differently-sized bottles, which seems unnecessarily complicated for ordinary drinking water.

"Some people have more dollars than sense."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Bottled water is already a poor choice in most cases. Water filters can turn even low-quality tap water into pure and healthy drinking water — and there are atmospheric water generators coming out that produce even purer water from thin air. Both of those choices are cheaper than bottled water in the long run, especially when paired with reusable water bottles so you can take your water with you wherever you go.

On the flip side, bottled water often isn't pure and healthy, even when it's advertised as such. Recent research reveals that the plastic itself releases harmful chemicals into the water, which consumers then drink. It's even worse when bottles sit out in the sun and warm up since the heat releases chemicals even faster.

Plus, the bottles create a lot of trash to deal with, and most end up as litter or in landfills rather than being recycled.

That makes this homeowner's order of hundreds of bottles of water a drain on their wallet and a burden on the environment. "The deceptions of capitalism at their finest! ie adding 'value' to water," said one commenter.

"Some people have more dollars than sense," said another user. "Water bottle companies only produce plastic. They are the worst."

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