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Homeowner shares 'incredible' before-and-after pictures after revamping their front lawn: 'It looks so much more inviting'

"Incredible transformation."

Biodiverse yard

Photo Credit: u/Personal-Positive482 / Reddit

One Reddit user has people talking, thanks to their three-year yard transformation where they swapped out a standard turf grass for a diverse, forest-like haven of flowers and crops.

"Someone asked if I had more pictures … so here," the user wrote in their post in a subreddit devoted to biodiverse lawns.

biodiverse yard
Photo Credit: u/Personal-Positive482 / Reddit

The post featured two photos: one from the summer of 2015, showing a standard grass lawn in front of their home; and another from the summer of 2018 that showed a variety of plants in different shapes and sizes (and notably, no grass). 

The Redditor stated that many but not all of the plants are native species and that half of them are edible crops. 

"We do some standard garden veggies that aren't likely native," they wrote.

The same user had previously posted pictures challenging other forum goers to guess which lawn was theirs and which was their neighbor's (it's a pretty easy game) and also shared photos of their property and plants from different angles.

Opting for a biodiverse yard has a plethora of benefits. For one, it can help save money — especially if you choose native plants, which often require less water than turf grass. 

The average American family uses a whopping 320 gallons of water per day, and 30% of that is devoted to outdoor uses. It's even worse in the Southwest, with the number reaching as high as 60%. 

A biodiverse yard will also save you time on maintenance, as no mowing is necessary. You can skip insecticides, too, because biodiverse yards offer built-in pest control by attracting beneficial insects and birds. Plus, they can attract pollinators while serving as cover for other animals.

If you're looking for guidance on how to "rewild" your yard, you can get some inspiration from the outdoor design and build company Yardzen.

The community gave two (green) thumbs up on the pics, with one stating, "Incredible transformation."

Another said, "I think it looks so much more homey and inviting than before."

"I would love to do this, but I'm pretty sure the town would fine me or something," another commenter wrote, bringing attention to some city ordinances and homeowners associations that attempt to block biodiverse yards.

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