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Woman shares a genius idea for mess-free confetti for any occasion: ‘Would be perfect for an outdoor celebration’

“We did this for my wedding last year!”

"We did this for my wedding last year!"

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There are few things more romantic than a wedding. It is a time to share your love with the world — and perhaps, to share your love of the world by planning your wedding with an eco-friendly ceremony.

One way you can do this is by creating biodegradable confetti with dried leaves. A Redditor reshared this Pinterest hack on the r/Anticonsumption subreddit.

“Saw this and thought it was a super cute idea!” they shared. “Would be perfect for an outdoor celebration.”

The scoop

The hack is super simple and easy to do yourself. All you need is a pile of dried leaves and a hole puncher. In the image, a heart-shaped hole puncher was used to create the perfect confetti shape for a wedding. 

Other commenters suggested customized shapes to add significance to the celebration, including “letters, such as the couple to be’s initials!”

"We did this for my wedding last year!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

As some comments suggested, this hack isn’t limited to dried leaves. You can switch up the plant based on what’s available — just make sure you don’t hole-punch a living plant.

“If you have them near you, magnolia leaves work great because they are thicker and have a waxy coat,” one commenter suggested.

How it’s helping

Huge celebrations come at a considerable cost, both monetarily and environmentally. The wedding industry produces a large amount of waste every year. According to “The Green Bride Guide” written by Kate Harrison, one wedding produces 400 pounds of waste on average. 

The CEO and founder of the Wedding Report, Shane McMurray, projected that there would be 2.2 million weddings in 2023, as reported by Slate. On average, this means that in the last year, approximately 880 million pounds of waste was produced.

By following sustainable practices, you can help limit your waste production. Whether you are creating biodegradable confetti out of leaves, thrifting dresses and suits, or handing out environmentally friendly party favors, there are many ways to reduce the waste your wedding produces.

What everyone’s saying

Many Redditors celebrated the idea of biodegradable confetti. They also highlighted how easily customizable this simple trick can be.

“We did this for my wedding last year! Did a destination wedding and used flowers and leaves from the property – colorful confetti and the whole family participated in making it. 10/10 would recommend,” said one commenter.

Another newlywed-to-be commented that she’s already prepping her confetti years in advance and has incorporated her own special sentimental touch.

“I’m currently a fair few years off getting married or anything but I’m pressing and drying all the flowers I get given and I’m planning to use them as confetti,” they shared. “Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s grandmother passed away the other week, so I’m currently pressing all her funeral flowers so we can have them as wedding confetti.”

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