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Shopper mind-blown to discover vintage wedding dress at thrift store for next to nothing: 'No idea how I got so lucky'

"I'm pretty sure I used up my entire year's worth of luck today."

"I’m pretty sure I used up my entire year’s worth of luck today."

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It's no surprise that weddings can be expensive, especially a bride's wedding dress. One user took to Reddit to show how they found a beautiful vintage wedding dress at their local thrift store — and for nothing short of a steal.

"I'm pretty sure I used up my entire year's worth of luck today."
Photo Credit: u/No_Government3541 / Reddit

The user shared a photo of the 1970s Gunne Sax wedding dress on the r/ThriftStoreHauls forum. Vintage versions of this same dress can retail for several hundred dollars. This user managed to get the dress for a whopping $3 after finding it in the costume section of the store. 

The thrifter shared that they were even more impressed that they got the dress several hours after the store was opened since they thought that someone else would have picked it up. 

"No idea how I got so lucky, but I'm pretty sure I used up my entire year's worth of luck today," the user wrote in the caption. 

Not only did this user get a great deal on a vintage piece, but they also successfully kept another product out of a landfill. Purchasing thrifted or consigned clothing cuts down on the need to manufacture new pieces — including the dirty energy emissions and raw materials required to produce them. 

Other users have taken to similar Reddit threads to show off their thrift store apparel finds. One user found their modern wedding gown at a thrift store in their town for only $60. Another user shared that they found a vintage sweater that retails for around $600. Sometimes, it just takes a careful eye and a bit of rifling through the racks to find treasure. 

Other Redditors were impressed by this thrifter's big find. "Might as well turn in your thrifting badge and retire," one user joked

"I've never been so jealous in my d*** life," another user wrote.

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