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Distraught tenant shares before-and-after photos of the garden they didn't get to enjoy: 'Hope you took all the plants'

"The little piece of paradise I created last year in the garden of my rented house…"

“The little piece of paradise I created last year in the garden of my rented house…”

Photo Credit: u/SquishyGreenMermaid / Reddit

One heartbroken renter said they had their home sold out from under them just months after renovating their backyard.

At first glance, this before-and-after post in r/gardening appears to be a success story. The original poster started out with a neglected garden bed and a patchy stretch of lawn and converted it to a much larger bed full of gorgeous flowers and shrubs of their choice. This tied together the entire backyard design while increasing the diversity of the plants in the area, much like the Redditor who switched to native grasses to satisfy their HOA's requirement that their yard includes grass.

Photo Credit: u/SquishyGreenMermaid / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/SquishyGreenMermaid / Reddit

If only this tenant had gotten to enjoy it for longer. "The little piece of paradise I created last year in the garden of my rented house…" they said. "Then the landlord wanted to sell the house a few months later."

Before finding out the news, the original poster put real effort into their gardening. They cut out all the dying grass along their fenceline and added soil, creating a tidy bed with a neat, curving edge. They then planted a huge assortment of colorful plants, including ferns and small maples that would eventually grow to fill the space. Their "after" photo shows a fresh, vibrant layout that enhances the whole yard, including the remaining healthy grass.

That stunning layout may have been one of the factors that helped the house to sell and raise its value, as one commenter pointed out. "You staged it for them (unintentionally)," they said. "The owner took advantage of your nice garden. This used to happen to me when I rented. Sucks but you can put stuff in pots and take it with you."

"That sucks," agreed another commenter. "I'm surprised he didn't up the rent for all your hard work. Hope you took all the plants you bought."

According to the original poster, they did. "Don't worry, I dug most of these plants up including the maples and filled the gaps with spring bulbs and cheap bedding plants," they said in a comment. Other tenants have gone the same route when challenged on their modifications to a rented backyard.

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