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Tenants get revenge on landlord for forcing them to rip out their garden: 'Hopefully it was a learning experience for him'

The landlord was enraged and took them to court for the destruction of property.

The landlord was enraged and took them to court for the destruction of property.

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Earlier this year, one Redditor shared the satisfying story of how they got revenge on an overbearing landlord by giving him exactly what he asked for.

Some landlords can get controlling about the way tenants manage their yards. Some have even demanded that tenants remove or stop watering the gardens they planted — destroying yard features that tenants have invested time and money in.

The Redditor said he lived with his boyfriend on the small property. "The house in question was our first place together that we'd been in for five years," he said. "It was the only place we could afford, and wasn't the most aesthetic when we moved in."

The bare dirt yard, in particular, was not very promising. Still, the original poster and his boyfriend did what they could to make the space beautiful. "In the backyard I built raised garden beds, installed a small pond and bird fountain, as well as other landscaping so that it became a bit of an unexpected oasis," he explained. "We had an outdoor table and chairs so we could sit out there in the morning and share a cup of tea."

The original landlord sold the property to a new owner, who the user said was much less friendly.

"The final straw was when … the landlord noticed the table and chairs in the backyard," he recalled. "We received an email that evening telling us, yes in all caps, to 'REMOVE ALL MODIFICATIONS OF THE YARD. NO PATIO FURNITURE IS PERMITTED.'"

So, after double-checking the order and getting the landlord's confirmation in writing, the original poster did just that. "I collected my bird fountain/pump, my fish, the flower bulbs and other plants, I even took the dirt I purchased for the raised beds to our new home," he said. "We filled in the pond and made sure to remove all the grass so it was one sad strip of dirt again."

The landlord was enraged and took them to court for the destruction of property. "However, we were diligent when we had moved in and had photos of the original yard, plus the email," said the original poster. Armed with that proof, he and his boyfriend won in court.

"Hopefully it was a learning experience for him, though realistically I doubt it," said one commenter.

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