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Homeowner shares unbelievable transformation photos after tearing up the traditional lawn they hated: 'This is beautiful!'

"Tell your dad he rocks!"

Neighbor's Anti-lawn

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A Redditor from the Netherlands recently impressed the r/NoLawns subreddit with photos of their father's stunning garden.

The Redditor definitely came to the right place with the story. The r/NoLawns subreddit is an active community where users share every possible alternative to turf grass. Some members share tips and tricks, while others simply show off their beautiful results.

garden transformation
Photo Credit: u/pm-me-cool-rocks / Reddit
Father's stunning garden
Photo Credit: u/pm-me-cool-rocks / Reddit

"My dad hates lawns," the user said, sharing six gorgeous photos of their father's flower beds.

The pictures told the story of a dedicated gardener. The yard held graceful brick paths and garden lights in between overflowing beds of thriving flowers. Every inch was packed with red, purple, white, and blue blossoms of varying heights.

"I have no idea what any of the flowers are, but I could ask my dad," the original poster offered.

However, that wasn't necessary, thanks to the avid gardeners in the subreddit. A commenter identified phlox, allium, poppies, sage, salvia, and more. 

"All low-water," they added. "Well done."

Saving water is one of the biggest benefits of taking out a traditional lawn. Where grass needs constant watering, fertilizer, and weed management to keep it smooth and green, many other plants can blossom with much less care, saving homeowners time and money while protecting the environment from water waste and chemical runoff.

A variety of flowers is also good for local wildlife, including pollinators, which use the plants for food and shelter.

Other users loved the photos. 

"Wow! This is beautiful!" said one commenter, while another user said, "I love it! Taking inspiration from this planting scheme." 

"I love those meandering brick paths!" said a third commenter. "Really natural look that invites you to pause at each bend."

Another commenter neatly summed up the feelings of the readers. "Tell your dad he rocks!" they said, to which the original poster replied, "I will!" 

To create a similar low-water design in your backyard, try a company like Yardzen, a landscaping organization with experience in rewilding and native plants.

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