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People cannot believe before-and-after photos revealing 'sad' town square transformation: 'That's absolutely criminal'

"They got rid of that beautiful square for a cement block?"

“They got rid of that beautiful square for a cement block?”

Photo Credit: Reddit

One unfortunate town in Poland got the opposite of the Mill Island treatment, infuriating residents after its previously green town square turned into a "sad" concrete wasteland. 

A Redditor shared the shocking before-and-after photos of the make-under in the subreddit r/UrbanHell

In an effort to "attract more tourists," according to one commenter, developers in Bartoszyce removed more than a dozen trees, pollinator-attracting flower beds, a fountain, and three vibrant green lawns. 

Photo Credit: Reddit

In their place is a drab gray plaza dotted with black lampposts. While new saplings were planted, it's fair to wonder if they'll be able to thrive, given their surroundings.   

"They got rid of that beautiful square for a cement block?" one Redditor asked

"That's absolutely criminal," another person said

"It's really sad that they had cut these trees," someone else added

Some cities have seen success with pedestrianization and the conversion of parking spaces into curbside patios, which appears to have been the intent in Bartoszyce. 

An average gas-powered car produces more than 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution per year, contributing significantly to the dangerous overheating of our planet, while exposure to toxic fumes from car exhaust is linked to respiratory issues

Walking is just one of the different transportation choices that can make a positive difference in the health of our environment.  

This growing trend called "betonoza" has been unpopular with locals in Poland, however, as a number of Redditors in the comments section pointed out. 

The method of so-called modernization also creates the potential for heat islands as green spaces and trees are removed. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, shaded areas can be 20 degrees to 45 degrees Fahrenheit cooler during the hottest hours of the day.  

"I genuinely can't believe the reverse order is not reality … This is so bad I feel like we are being trolled," one person added on Reddit. 

"Pedestrianization fail," another wrote

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