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Seasoned gardener shares foolproof hack to keep havoc-wreaking pest off plants: 'I needed this!'

"Neem oil was not working. They killed my mint."

"Neem oil was not working. They killed my mint."

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Aphids can wreak havoc in your garden, stunting plant growth and decreasing your crop yield. Some species of aphids even release a toxic substance that kills plants. 

Luckily, TikToker Sarah (@simplysanctuarygarden) has an effective home remedy for safely keeping aphids out of your garden using an ingredient you likely already have in your kitchen.

The scoop

Banana peels are a natural repellent for aphids, as the smell of bananas wards off these pesky critters.

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Simply place a banana peel in your garden, covering it with a thin layer of soil. You can also cut the peel into small pieces and evenly distribute them throughout your garden. 

When burying the banana peels, be sure to fully cover them in soil to prevent animals, such as raccoons and deer, from eating the peels.

You can also make banana water to spray directly onto your plants and repel aphids. Place a banana peel in five cups of water and bring the mixture to a boil. Once the banana water cools down, add it to a spray bottle and spritz the mixture on the leaves and stems of your plants.

"Aphids hate bananas, so you can use banana water on your plants. You can also leave the peels around, put the peels in your soil for it to decompose," says Sarah.

How it's helping

Severe aphid infestations can cause plant leaves to turn yellow and die. Aphids have also been found to transmit viruses from plant to plant, destroying vegetable harvests. 

The banana hack is a simple and cheap way to treat aphids and support the growth of your garden. When your garden thrives, your wallet also thrives. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a simple way to save money on groceries and ensure your produce is organic.  

Gardening also helps to improve your physical and mental health. Tending to a garden encourages healthy movement and increases your overall activity level.

Using natural remedies like the banana peel hack reduces your use of harsh pesticides. Traditional insecticides contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment. Banana peels, on the other hand, are beneficial to your garden, as they provide essential nutrients, such as phosphorus and potassium, to the soil.

What everyone's saying

Viewers of the video were grateful and relieved to discover a non-toxic method for repelling aphids.

"OMG, I needed this!!!" commented one user. "I'm in New Orleans and aphids are killing my garden! Neem oil was not working. They killed my mint."

"Oh thank you," responded another TikToker. "I'm in the keys and aphids have taken over my porch plants."

"Thank you for this tip. I live in north FL."

"Going to buy all the bananas at my grocery store," joked another user.

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