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Homeowner shares stunning before-and-after photos of their new backyard: 'Looks like a beautiful little space'

"Yo, this is awesome!"

"Yo, this is awesome!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Reddit user shared stunning before and after photos of their backyard transformation in the r/gardening community, and the results inspired green thumbs everywhere.

The post, titled "Before and After of Our First Year Garden - April vs July," showcased a once patchy, weed-filled yard that became a thriving oasis of native plants and raised beds. Even the tiles got a glow-up.

"Yo, this is awesome!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Zone 8b. Lots of blood, sweat, tears and mistakes but I've never been so thankful to have an outdoor space," the user wrote. "Can't wait for year two!"

The photos revealed a dramatic change. In the "before" image, the yard was dominated by bare soil and sparse, straggly weeds.

Fast-forward to July, and the space was unrecognizable. Lush greenery filled the beds, and a diverse mix of native plants created a visual of feast colors and textures. The tile patio had also been refreshed, providing a welcoming spot to sit and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The transformation was not only visually striking but also highlighted the many benefits of replacing traditional lawns with native plants. By choosing species that are naturally adapted to the local climate and soil, homeowners can save money and time on maintenance while conserving water and lowering their bills.

Native plant gardens also create healthier ecosystems for pollinators, which benefit humans by protecting our food supply. Even a partial lawn replacement can allow homeowners to reap these rewards.

There are plenty of eco-friendly, low-maintenance options for replacing your lawn, such as native plants, clover, buffalo grass, and xeriscaping. With a little research and planning, you can create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space that gives back to the environment.

The Reddit community was quick to praise the user's hard work and stunning results.

"Looks like a beautiful little space!" one commenter wrote.

"Yo, this is awesome!" another said

"It's so inviting, beautiful!" a third praised.

Ready to kick off your own backyard transformation? Check out our guide on rewilding your yard for tips and inspiration. With some elbow grease, you too can create an outdoor oasis that's the envy of the neighborhood — and the planet.

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