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Proud grandchild shares photo of their grandparents' 'beyond beautiful' garden: 'I'm speechless'

"Can I move in?"

Grandparents’ ‘beyond beautiful’ garden, Backyard oasis

Photo Credit: iStock

This backyard oasis knocked everyone's socks off — thanks to a particularly proud grandchild.

A Reddit user took to the platform to show off photos of their grandparents' "amazing" garden, sparking users to flock to the comments to tout the spread and discuss their own garden goals and questions.

The green space featured a wood deck with a striking X-shaped crosswalk bounded by a pair of triangular flower patches and two larger diamond-shaped planting areas.

On each side of the deck was a garden bed atop concrete blocks "to protect them from insects and other critters," the poster explained.

Photo Credit: Reddit

The lush plot sparkled with pops of pink, yellow, and red flowers as well as various shades of green.

Juicy tomatoes occupied one corner, and the poster noted the tract produced many fruits and vegetables and that "it all tastes amazing." One highlight was "delicious" blackberries.

"Flowers and veggies go well together," one commenter wrote, "as the flowers attract the pollinators your vegetables need!"

The divine garden — situated around Hastings, England — not only looked great but also provided ample benefits for the community.

Gardening improves air and soil quality by removing excessive carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen. It also reduces the size of landfills and benefits local wildlife and pollinators, including birds, squirrels, spiders, and bees.

"Growing your own food can also minimize your environmental impact because it means fewer trips to the grocery store, where produce is often flown in from great distances," Green Matters explained.

Research has shown that community gardening improves mental health and that people who have gardens are healthier than those who don't.

A 2020 study conducted in Singapore showed that community gardening helped improve people's subjective well-being and that there was a correlation between those gardeners and higher levels of resilience and optimism.

A 2023 study also examined the effects of community gardening in the Denver area. It showed that those who took part in the activity ate 1.4 more grams of fiber each day, increased their activity by 42 minutes per week, and reported decreased stress and anxiety compared to those who were asked to wait a year to start gardening.

So, take a long look at that "beyond beautiful" backyard, as one commenter called it. There's plenty to gain from such a space.

"I'm speechless," one user commented.

Another wrote: "Wowza!!!! Can I move in?"

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