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Mom shares incredibly simple hack to keep cut apples fresh longer: 'They will not go brown'

Wasting food isn't great for our wallets, but there's a cost that isn't as immediately apparent.

Wasting food isn’t great for our wallets, but there’s a cost that isn’t as immediately apparent.

Photo Credit: @itsnicolejaques / TikTok

One woman recently shared how a common item can keep your apple slices from turning an unappetizing brown.

The scoop

In a 21-second clip posted in November, TikToker Nicole Jaques (@itsnicolejaques) listed three different hacks to help keep your food fresh and vibrant for longer. 

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"It's apple season, but sliced apples go brown so fast," she said. "Soak them in carbonated water, and they will not go brown." 

Jaques also suggested where to store some apples and passed along a tip to keep herbs from wilting for "up to three weeks." 

"Keep your potatoes from sprouting by placing an apple with them where they're being stored," she said. "To keep herbs fresh, cut the bottoms, put them in fresh water in a little glass in the fridge." 

How it works

Apples can start to turn an off-putting brown in minutes because of a chemical reaction with the air, causing some people to feel squeamish about eating the fruit or serving it to guests — even though it is still safe and delicious to eat. 

Yet a study published by the American Chemical Society found that the browning of fruit "may be responsible for up to half of all food waste," costing people a lot of money. That's especially true these days with the price of groceries on the rise. 

Wasting food isn't great for our wallets, but there's a cost that isn't as immediately apparent.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, food waste in the U.S. alone produces heat-trapping gases equivalent to that of more than 42 coal-fueled power plants. Discarded food is also responsible for 58% of methane pollution from solid-waste landfills. 

Over the first 20 years, methane can heat up our atmosphere at a rate 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, so our food consumption habits are a major contributor to changing global temperatures that have led to a decrease in food supply and the displacement of people

As the adage goes, however, we eat with our eyes first, making these tips a win for our stomachs and the environment. 

Of note, sprouted potatoes are also OK to eat as long as you remove the eyes, as are wilted herbs assuming they aren't slimy or rotting. 

If a product appears to be too far gone, though, don't fret. Composting and other creative hacks can also help keep our planet on the right track.   

What people are saying 

People viewed Jaques' TikTok nearly 6,000 times, indicating that her advice for keeping fall produce fresh is making waves. 

"Very good, thanks," one person said, keeping his reaction just as simple as the tips in the clip. 

Another person offered their own produce-saving hack: "Don't store onions and potatoes close together," they said.

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