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Homeowner shares 'gorgeous' before-and-after transformation of their native garden: 'I'm very happy with the results'

Their post appeared in r/NoLawns, a subreddit where users often share their incredible yard transformations.

Apache plume, Gorgeous transformation of native garden

Photo Credit: u/DaVinciBrandCraft / Reddit

What started as a safety hazard turned into a beautiful and eco-friendly yard feature for one creative Redditor.

Their post appeared in r/NoLawns, a subreddit where users often share their incredible yard transformations. This post was unusual because the original poster did still have a lawn — but the native plants they added impressed commenters.

Apache plume
Photo Credit: u/DaVinciBrandCraft / Reddit

According to the Redditor, their project started with the desire to keep their children safe. "3.5 foot retaining wall in the backyard was a safety hazard for our toddlers," they said, sharing a photo of a yard sharply divided by a brick wall. The picture was dated 2018.

"Rather than figure out a fence, I bought 7 Apache plume plants," they said. "I got them from the Botanic Gardens plant sale, making sure I picked something that grew quickly, was native to the area, and didn't need a lot of water." 

This smart strategy is similar to what companies like Yardzen do when helping clients to design low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscaping.

After being transferred to the Redditor's flower bed, the plants exploded with growth. "They have grown into a very functional hedge in just 5 years!" they said. Their photos prove it — the seven plants now form an impenetrable barrier of feathery pink blossoms that completely block the retaining wall from sight.

Aside from being easy and beautiful, it was also a much cheaper solution than a fence. "I think I spent $5-7 on each [plant]," the Redditor said.

Not only that, but they're also great for local pollinators. "The bees love them," the Redditor said. "For the first summer, I picked all of the blooms off, but now I just let them be."

After this incredible success, the original poster seemed excited to keep tailoring their yard to their family's needs. "I didn't know anything about native gardening at the time but I'm very happy with the results," they added. 

"Gorgeous use of these native plants," said a commenter. "Bravo! Let us know if you'd like some suggestions for other areas of your yard!"

"Believe me, I will be back for more suggestions!" replied the original poster. "We have started removing lawn in earnest in the past year."

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