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Shopper astounded after finding '21k gold' jewelry at flea market: 'Absolutely stunning'

"It's staggering that these somehow ended up at a flea market!"

"It's staggering that these somehow ended up at a flea market!"

Photo Credit: iStock

While we often think of secondhand shopping as a way to obtain previously owned clothing, sometimes, there are unique and even historical treasures to be found. 

This Redditor provided an example as they shared a photo of an incredible purchase to r/ThriftStoreHauls

"It's staggering that these somehow ended up at a flea market!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"$20 flea market find," they said. "Handpainted enamel and 21k gold earrings." 

The accompanying photo shows a pair of ornate gold earrings with detailed painted portraits in the center of each. The poster explained in the comments section that they acid tested the earrings to check their gold purity. They also said the earrings date back to between 1850 and 1875. 

It's not uncommon to make unbelievable finds such as this one thrift shopping. For example, one thrifter found two pieces of artwork by one of Japan's most prolific printmakers for $4.99 each, while another purchased a travel case with a high-quality camera and its accessories stowed away inside. 

Discovering diamonds in the rough is one of many reasons why thrifting is so popular. It also saves us money on everyday necessities and keeps once unwanted items out of landfills. According to BusinessDIT, about 16% to 18% of Americans shop at a thrift store. That's great news, because it places treasures such as these earrings into our lives, moving history forward another generation. 

Other Redditors took to the original poster's comments section to fawn over the flea market score. 

"I love those. Absolutely stunning," said one person. "I hope you're going to wear them because they need to be worn and shown. What a find for $20."

"These are BEAUTIFUL pieces of art, dating back so far in history!" another commented. "It's staggering that these somehow ended up at a flea market!! They passed through so many hands, without their history and value being recognized. Simply amazing. I would have purchased these immediately, as I'm sure you did. Bravo!!"

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