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Walmart shopper sparks outrage online after filming scene outside store: 'It's a sad day'

"[It's] a billion dollar company …"

“[It’s] a billion dollar company ..."

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Seeing pounds upon pounds of food waste can be alarming, and one Walmart shopper was shocked when they saw carts filled with perfectly good food products outside of one store.

The video was shared by @tio.silverfox on TikTok and showed carts upon carts full of food lined up. The products included hot dogs, Lunchables, coffee creamers, cheese, and bacon. 

The user notes that a transformer was knocked down, which explains why the refrigerator system was out. "It's a sad day," he shared. It seems like the store just cleared out their refrigerators and left all the food outside to be disposed of. 


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Food must be kept at the appropriate temperature to prevent spoilage before it can be donated safely. The food in this video potentially could not have been transported to a food bank or collection center, so it had to be thrown out for food safety's sake.

Walmart isn't the only chain that has experienced this predicament. One user posted a video of a similar situation outside a Target store following a power outage. 

While it's impossible to predict freak accidents or weather events that can cause stores to throw out so much food, it is possible to establish plans to help redirect food where it needs to go. For example, one Kroger in Arkansas donated 60,000 meals to a local food bank after a power outage shut down its refrigerators. Other stores, like Trader Joe's, have given food to customers for free after an outage. 

Users in the comment section were shocked by the amount of food waste. "[It's] a billion dollar company [and] they don't have a backup generator," one user pointed out. 

Other users noted the financial repercussions of the company taking a financial loss rather than donating the food. "It's a write-off to them, they have insurance that'll pay for it," another user explained. 

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