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Food bank saves over 60,000 meals after storms left grocery store without power: 'Love seeing a community come together'

"That's the way it should be done!"

Arkansas Foodbank saves over 60,000 meals after storms left grocery store without power

Photo Credit: @arfoodbank / TikTok

There is power in coming together as a community in the face of immense hardship and challenges. 

One Arkansas community is feeling that for a local food bank that saved and distributed over 60,000 meals to area residents who lost power during severe storms earlier this summer. 

The Arkansas Foodbank recovered the food after a Kroger in North Little Rock lost power. This included perishable foods in the freezer and refrigerator sections at risk of spoiling. In two days, the bank recovered 76,833 pounds of food, which it was able to give to communities in Central Arkansas. 

Although the food bank does not solve food insecurity or the persistent inaccessibility to foods that help ensure a healthy, active life, it can relieve immediate hunger in the wake of disasters. This is an immediate need for many individuals who have experienced displacement or, in this case, have their food go bad due to power outages. 

The food recovery efforts also direct food that may have otherwise been thrown into a landfill into the hands (and mouths) of people who can use it. 

When food waste is deposited into a landfill, it releases planet-warming methane gas as it decomposes. In addition, food loss and waste release an estimated 187 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere each year — which is about the annual pollution of 45 coal-burning power plants. 

Although Kroger's donation was perceived as generous on the food bank's social media, it was not specified if the company received any tax write-off for its donation. These incentives encourage companies to donate the food they could not otherwise profit from — and puts the accountability and capacity needed to move the food to the food bank rather than the corporation. 

Individuals who viewed the food bank's TikTok applauded both their efforts, as well as Kroger's willingness to donate the soon-to-be-spoiled food. 

"That's the way it should be done!!!" one viewer said. "Love seeing a community come together to help each other!!" 

"That's awesome! I love that store," another commented.

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