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Tesla partners with Uber to offer major discounts to drivers on select models: 'Pulling out all the stops'

"We all doubted Elon when he said Teslas would be taxis, but here we are!"

"We all doubted Elon when he said Teslas would be taxis, but here we are!"

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In another move to electrify ride-share fleets, Tesla has teamed up with Uber to offer discounts of up to $3,000 on its cars to drivers.

Tesla has been added as a partner to Uber's vehicle marketplace, where drivers can purchase new or used electric vehicles. The company will offer discounts ranging from $1,000-$3,000 on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles โ€” the amount depends on a driver's rating.ย 

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This comes after Hertz hit the brakes on its acquisition of more Tesla EVs because of unexpected problems with their Uber partnership. It seems that while Teslas are popular with drivers, Tesla's high-tech and safety features can make them more costly to repair.

Meanwhile, Tesla launched another ride-share service in Tampa, Florida, that will cost riders just $2 per person.ย 

Interestingly, Uber drivers don't receive the discount until they've completed 100 trips in their new EV through the Uber platform, and these trips must be completed before Feb. 15, 2024.

Nonetheless, "This is cool," Electrek said. "EVs make so much sense for Uber drivers if they have easy access to charging. They can save hundreds of dollars and sometimes over $1,000 per month just with gas savings."ย 

More EVs on the roads will also lead to cleaner air. Gas-guzzling vehicles contribute to toxic air pollution, which can cause cancer in humans and animals. This pollution can also lead to other problems like neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, and reproductive system damage.ย 

EVs also contribute far less planet-warming pollution than traditional vehicles.ย 

Commenters over at Elektrek had some pretty strong opinions on Tesla and Uber's newest collaboration.

"Must take delivery before [the] end of year," one person commented. "Tesla [is] pulling out all the stops to move metal."

Another replied: "These kinds of deals are not agreed overnight. Definitely would be best to have been announced earlier in the quarter, not 10 days before Christmas."

"Seeeeee?" another person teased. "We all doubted Elon when he said Teslas would be taxis but here we are!"

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