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Tesla launches ride-share program in major city that will cost riders only $2 a ride — here's how the company pulled it off

"I'm not saying that that was a major motivator, but it's not a bad deal."

“I’m not saying that that was a major motivator, but it’s not a bad deal.”

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Tesla recently launched a ride-share service that will cost riders only $2 per person. 

DASH, which stands for Downtown Area Shared Hubs, debuted in Tampa, Florida, on October 12. Unlike other ride-share apps like Uber or Lyft, DASH doesn't take people directly to their location. 

Instead, there are more than 20 hubs throughout the seven downtown Tampa neighborhoods. Each vehicle is a bright yellow Tesla Model Y that will take riders from one hub to another, with a capacity of four riders at $2 apiece.

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"We have seven neighborhoods in downtown, so this gives you the opportunity to come into downtown, stay in one spot with your vehicle then bounce around via DASH," said Shaun Drinkard, interim president of the Tampa Downtown Partnership.

DASH drivers will be more than just an escort from one place to another; they'll be more like trained guides. After passing a background check, drivers will receive "extensive safety and driving training, along with training as an expert guide to Downtown's seven unique neighborhoods."

DASH driver Rico Dixson is excited about the development and opportunity.

"How cool is it that we get to drive Teslas around downtown Tampa?" Dixson said. "I'm not saying that that was a major motivator, but it's not a bad deal."

Dixson also realizes the positive environmental impact of having an all-electric fleet of ride-share vehicles.

"Moving swiftly through the streets up at downtown Tampa, that's what we are doing. We're doing it with sustainability and with minimal environmental impact to the area," Dixson said.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor shared that sentiment.

"That is something that we've been doing at the city. You know, we're going more and more with our fleet to electric vehicles," Castor said. "It's just one of the many, many steps that we can take towards reducing our carbon footprint here in the city of Tampa."

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