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Video shows aftermath of vandals targeting Tesla Supercharger location: 'Should be a federal crime'

"It is beyond careless not to have cameras at every charging site."

"It is beyond careless not to have cameras at every charging site."

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Tesla drivers are increasingly being left frustrated at Supercharger sites, as vandals are making it impossible to charge electric vehicles.

One person showed on TikTok how a Supercharger location behind a Target in Vallejo, California, was rendered useless after every charging cable was severed from their docks. 


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As Teslarati observed, while the reason for cutting these cables is unknown, there are a couple of potential motives. For example, thieves might see the tightly compacted copper wires as a way to make a quick buck by reselling the metal. 

Another reason could be that non-EV drivers are protesting against the growing presence of the pollution-reducing vehicles on the United States' roads. 

For one reason or another, drivers of gas-guzzling, internal combustion engine (ICE) cars sometimes see EVs as a personal affront. Whether it's because people are worried that growing numbers of clean electric vehicles may herald the end of dirty-fuel-powered machines, or they want to show skepticism about the climate crisis, cases of EV charger destruction are being seen worldwide. 

In Germany, for example, one EV driver arrived at a charging station to find raw minced meat had been pushed into the plug adapters.

But some ICE drivers are also purposely parking their cars in EV charging spots, restricting access to charging infrastructure for drivers who want to top up their car's battery.

Driving an electric vehicle provides so many benefits. The machines require less maintenance than conventional cars and cost less money to refuel than gas-powered alternatives. They also don't produce tailpipe pollution, which worsens air quality and increases the risk of various illnesses. 

With government initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act — in addition to similar programs from individual states — discounts or tax incentives can be accessed to reduce the cost of purchasing an EV. There's never been a better time to buy.

Tesla is working on ways to combat vandalism at its stations, according to Teslarati, but maybe more surveillance is needed at charging points to catch people in the act or at least act as a deterrent. 

"It is beyond careless not to have cameras at every charging site," one commenter on Teslarati said. "It's like going into a fight with a blindfold." 

In fact, many Supercharger stations do have cameras. Tesla has not commented publicly about how many have cameras, and many are within the sight of other security cameras.

"This affects transportation, and therefore should be a federal crime," added another. "Heavy fines and LONG jail sentences."

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