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Tesla owners share excitement after discovering new software feature to avoid fines and tickets: 'This is great'

"Am I the only one excited to see this feature?"

"Am I the only one excited to see this feature?"

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Tesla has introduced a new software feature that has users excited about their upcoming commutes.

In a recent post on the r/TeslaLounge, a user shared a photo of their heads-up display showing a feature that warns drivers about speed cameras on their route. "Navigation now includes symbols along your route to show speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights," the text in the image says. "Am I the only one excited to see this feature?" the user wrote in their caption.

"Am I the only one excited to see this feature?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The new feature will help Tesla's in-house navigation system rival those of companies like Google, Apple, and Waze, and it will help users orient themselves to their surroundings and avoid speeding tickets.

Tesla's popularity worldwide is a boon for the electric vehicle market, which is a hopeful development for our planet. EVs emit a fraction of the dangerous pollutants that cause the dangerous overheating of our planet compared to their dirty energy counterparts.

The new feature is just one of several exciting new moves for Tesla in recent months. The company is set to expand its operations worldwide, let drivers charge their EVs using solar energy, and increase the efficiency of its production process via manufacturing improvements. For more information on purchasing an EV, visit TCD's EV guide.

Features like these can help consumers save money on potential fines and make traveling less stressful. 

Tesla drivers shared their enthusiasm about the new feature in the comment section of the post.

"I can finally stop using the Waze app on long drives now if it works well," one user wrote.

"No, you're not! The lack of stoplights on the map is the only reason I liked Google Maps over Tesla's maps. In crowded cities, the stoplight indicator is an easy way to orient yourself if you don't know your way around," another user said

"This is great, now we need audible notifications that there is one ahead like Waze does," a third user commented.

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