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Tesla sparks excitement with surprising new location choice to expand operations: 'Finally'

Tesla's expansion is in many ways a hopeful sign.

Tesla Qatar

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Tesla has just expanded its operations to the Middle Eastern country of Qatar, a completely new market for the company, Electrek reports.

Until now, Tesla's only Middle Eastern stores and service centers were in Israel, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. Qatar, a peninsula nation in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran, gives the company a new market of about 2.7 million people, who currently buy about 40,000 passenger vehicles per year, according to Electrek.

That's a small market to support a Tesla store, but the company might just open a few modest facilities like a Supercharger and a service center, which would be easier to sustain.

Tesla announced the move by launching its online configurator for users in Qatar, allowing customers to electronically design their perfect Tesla from the available features. It tweeted about the update on Dec. 12.

Commenters on X (formerly known as Twitter) were thrilled, replying with messages like "Finally" and "Who is next?" Proposed countries included Bulgaria, South Africa, Serbia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

Tesla's expansion is in many ways a hopeful sign. Not only does it mean that more of the world has access to affordable and eco-friendly electric vehicles and all the infrastructure for them — but it also means Tesla believes it can be profitable there. People are buying electric, which is a crucial step in reversing the severe air pollution that is heating up the planet.

Gas-burning passenger vehicles are responsible for 3.3 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon pollution every year. By comparison, EVs don't produce any air pollution when driven, and they can be charged using clean energy from sources like solar panels and wind turbines. The more people switch to electric, the greater the positive impact they can have on the environment and the people who depend on it.

"Exciting news in Qatar as #Tesla's configurator goes live!" said X user Harlan Cole

(@Cole_Harlan_). "The thriving economy and commitment to sustainability make #Qatar an ideal market for innovations like Tesla. Qatar's role as a global economic player continues to attract forward-thinking ventures."

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