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Leaked images spark speculation about Tesla's newest unreleased vehicle model: 'Closer than you think'

"This is going to be a very popular car and will likely be sold out for quite a while."

"This is going to be a very popular car and will likely be sold out for quite a while."

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To paraphrase the 1987 spoof Spaceballs, "Prepare Tesla for ludicrous speed!" 

New photos and videos have emerged of an upgraded Tesla Model 3 that have sparked speculation of a new vehicle model from the electric vehicle manufacturer. 

A post on X, formerly known as Twitter, from Boo (@BooDev), showed images of the new red model 3, rumored to bear the name M3 Ludicrous or Plaid as a nod to the movie Spaceballs. And the name may be justified: "heard 0-60 is 2.9s," the post said.

Other leaked photos posted by Chris Zheng (@ChrisZheng001) showed the cars under wraps at the Tesla Malibu showroom, as well as a video in Spain from user Desmond Wisley (@dessiewisley) that showed the updated Model 3 driving on the water. 

Specifications for the vehicle show that the alleged new model will have updated wheels, badges, and more horsepower that will aim for 304 miles of range in the U.S.

While there is no date for an official announcement of a new Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle, the leaks online provide hope for a more efficient vehicle to hit the roads and the markets soon. 

Electrek relayed a caption that accomptioned one leaked photo: "Some people are guessing when and where the new Model 3P, Model 3 Ludicrous, will be launched. It can only be said that it is closer than you think."

Electric vehicles can be a cost-efficient mode of transportation, reducing harmful pollution compared to gas-powered cars. Tesla is at the forefront of the rise in electric vehicles, with EVs accounting for one in 250 cars on the road today. With an increase in Tesla Superchargers and other discounts, such as a discount for Uber drivers who choose EVs, Tesla is aiming to make electric vehicles more accessible and affordable.

The current prices of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are at some of their lowest levels, encouraging more consumers to adapt to more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. However, Reuters reported that Tesla has scrapped its plans for a low-cost vehicle that would have started at around $25,000.

The impending announcement of a new Tesla Model does encourage consumers that more affordable EVs are coming soon.

"This is going to be a very popular car and will likely be sold out for quite a while," commented a user on a post from Nic Cruz Patane (@niccruzpatane) of some of the things to look forward to in the vehicle.

"I would buy one if the range was 400 miles + At this point I'm more concerned about range as it gets decimated in cold weather / highway / highway cold weather, than I am about performance," one user commented.

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