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Video shows Tesla Cybertruck issue that caused recent recall getting repaired in just 35 seconds: 'Hope mine gets this fix soon'

"Why wasn't it secured properly in the first place?"

"Why wasn't it secured properly in the first place?"

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In April, Tesla announced a recall for the Cybertrucks following a malfunction with the accelerator pedal. But Cybertruck owners are quickly getting their vehicles back.

In a video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, Aaron Cash (@AaronCash) showed the recall fix, and it took only 35 seconds.

The recall took effect when Cybertruck owners found that the metal plate on top of the accelerator could slide up and get wedged between the pedal and the plastic bulkhead, resulting in the pedal being pressed, affecting the vehicle's safe operation. 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, assured the recall was for safety precaution and that there were no injuries or accidents as a result of the malfunction.

At the Cybertrack takeover event at Tesla's store in Long Beach, California, technicians were able to fix the problem for some owners by installing a small rivet beneath the pedal.

While other customers had their deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck on hold, it appears that deliveries have restarted, as this owner in Virginia got his with the pedal issue fixed. 

With a fix in place for current Cybertrucks, Tesla aims to continue manufacturing them. According to Jalopnik, Tesla hopes to build 250,000 Cybertrucks by the end of 2025. Currently, Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas has ramped up production, manufacturing over 1,000 batteries in a week, helping increase the amount of electric vehicles the company is able to make.

EVs can help reduce planet-warming pollution while providing opportunities to save money with federal tax credits and energy production.

Tesla, while hitting the slight hiccup with the Cybertruck recall, looks to get back on track with production of electric vehicles to help consumers adopt environmentally-friendly forms of transportation that are cost-efficient, including lowering the cost of solar roofing on vehicles and offers for free superchargers.

While the speedy fix gave hope to some Cybertruck owners, some questioned how this was missed in the production process.

"Why wasn't it secured properly in the first place? Poor design choice," commented a user

Others were excited to get their Cybertrucks back on the road.

"Excellent service," one owner commented about the fast fix.

"Hope mine gets this fix soon!" commented another owner.

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