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Excitement grows as Tesla announces more details about its global Cybertruck tour: 'I would buy one tomorrow if it was possible'

"Oh yeah, spread the CyberFever."

"Oh yeah, spread the CyberFever."

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Tesla is launching a European tour of its new Cybertruck to show off the new electric vehicle.

Teslarati reported that Tesla's Europe and Middle East social media account posted a video announcing the company's "Cyber Odyssey," which launched in late April and will continue throughout the summer. 

The tour will display the Cybertruck in 100 locations across 20 European countries, making stops in the following cities, among others: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Manchester, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, and Warsaw.

The company also announced plans to display the Cybertruck in China, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, it's unclear whether the product will actually be introduced to these markets, as they each maintain wildly different safety policies that might not clear the Cybertruck for street approval. 

For example, Tesla VP of vehicle engineering Lars Moravy noted that many European countries may not allow the Cybertruck on their streets because of the protrusions of its design. "European regulations call for a 3.2mm external radius on external projections," Moravy said. "Unfortunately, it's impossible to make a 3.2mm radius on a 1.4mm sheet of stainless steel."

However, the company has big plans to make clean energy vehicles more accessible and efficient. It recently announced plans to expand operations worldwide, reduce costs on certain popular models, and soon produce an even more affordable option, thus making EVs more accessible to drivers around the world.

Tesla's popularization of electric vehicles is a massive win for the environment, as clean energy vehicles do far less damage to the environment than gas-guzzling alternatives. 

Teslarati users shared their excitement about the Cybertruck. 

"I am at the moment in Lisbon and would love to see it there!" one user said. 

"Oh yeah, spread the CyberFever. Go Cybertruck," another user wrote. 

"I would buy one tomorrow if it was possible to [in] Sweden. Our family has 4 Tesla cars and we do need a pickup in our business," a third user noted.

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