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Shopper sparks outrage online after sharing concerning trend discovered at local thrift shop: 'Worse than throwing money out the window'

"The thrifts are overflowing."

"The thrifts are overflowing."

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It's not just you — clothing options at thrift stores are getting worse. A Redditor recently showcased how many low-quality fast fashion items they found at their local thrift store. 

A thrift shopper broadcast the glut of clothing, posting a short video clip showing nearly a dozen items all with a Shein label. 

The video states: "Y'all actually really gotta chill. The thrifts are overflowing with your irresponsible Shein purchases."

It has been an unfortunate but popular trend on social media such as TikTok to post massive clothing hauls from fast fashion brands such as Shein. Fast fashion not only produces a ton of textile waste with low-quality products, but it is also hugely detrimental to the planet. "The fashion industry is responsible for more than 10 percent of carbon emissions and consumes approximately [over 110 million tons] of oil every year," Euronews reported.

So, the clothes themselves are problematic — and the company has terrible labor practices. Shein faced backlash last year after it brought several influencers to a factory in China. The content produced from the trip was a textbook example of greenwashing and misleading customers.

Though it can be tough to fight fashion cycles in our consumerist world, continuing to shop secondhand and trying to buy more sustainably are things we can all do to help the planet. In a lot of cases, shopping in these ways will save you money in the long run, as your clothes will be of higher quality and last longer. Some stores will even give you credit for recycling your old clothes rather than tossing them. 

The comments on this post were unsurprisingly full of people who said how much they disliked fast fashion.

"I've always disliked trendy fashion and Shein is the leader in throw away clothes," one person wrote. "Buying clothes from them Is worse than throwing money out the window. It's disgusting to see the environmental effects of this trash."

Another commenter said: "Shein is absolute JUNK. Made the mistake of buying clothes thinking I could get a whole new wardrobe on the cheap. Huge mistake. Material is paper thin, usually itchy and is the most low quality."

Fuck Shein hauls
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