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Urban Outfitters has a new way for you to get paid for your old clothes — here's how

The resale platform is giving a 10% bonus if you choose the store credit option.

Nuuly Thrift, Urban Outfitters

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Attention secondhand shoppers: Nuuly Thrift can help you save cash and refresh your wardrobe.

An URBN family brand (Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie), Nuuly is a peer-to-peer resale platform where users can discover, shop, and sell their pre-loved items.

How does Nuuly Thrift work?

Like other peer-to-peer resale platforms, users upload photos of their items and price them based on style, condition, and season. Items sold on Nuuly don't have to be from URBN brands.

Once you sell an item, generate a QR code for shipping through the Nuuly site, pack up your article, and ship it to its new owner. The buyer covers the shipping fees, and they have three days to decide whether or not to keep it. 

After your buyer accepts the item, your cash is on the way. Nuuly takes a 20% commission, but you can earn some of that back if you take your payout in Nuuly Cash.

Nuuly Cash is essentially store credit. If your earnings from a sale are $100, Nuuly will give you $110 in Nuuly Cash instead — a 10% incentive that makes up for half of the platform's commission. You can spend that money on Nuuly Thrift, its sister platform Nuuly Rent, or at any URBN brand store.

Why should I buy and sell on Nuuly Thrift?

Whether you're on a budget or just love saving money, buying and selling secondhand are great ways to save — and even make — money. 

You can save money by shopping for used items that cost a fraction of what you 

would pay for a similar new item. One recent study found shoppers saved an average of $150 per month shopping secondhand.

Using Nuuly could also make you money. By listing garments you no longer wear, you can earn cash or store credit for new clothes. 

Some resellers make thousands of dollars per month. But even if you're only selling a few items or cleaning out your closet a few times a year, it could earn you enough cash to refresh your wardrobe without having to spend much – or anything.

There's another good reason you might want to explore Nuuly Thrift: It keeps used garments out of landfills or from being shipped overseas. 

Millions of tons of textile waste are produced every year, and thrift stores can become overloaded. As a result, Western countries now ship an average of 15 million used garments to countries like Ghana every week. 

Are there other programs like Nuuly Thrift?

Nuuly Thrift is one of several secondhand platforms where you can buy and sell pre-worn items. 

Other peer-to-peer platforms include Depop, which has a cult following for its garments, including celebrity closet hauls. Athletic apparel brand lululemon will pay you to trade in your old workout clothes, and Lucky Sweater will match you with another user to exchange items from slow fashion brands.

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