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Tesla Megapack to power one of the largest battery systems on the planet: 'Tesla energy is growing exponentially'

"There's a lot of money to be made in both Megapacks and Superchargers."

"There's a lot of money to be made in both Megapacks and Superchargers."

Photo Credit: Neoen

French company Neoen is building a record-breaking battery system in Western Australia — and Tesla's Megapack has been chosen to power it.

After it was revealed that Neoen was constructing the first stage of a massive battery project utilizing Tesla Megapack 2XLs, titled the Collie Battery project (after the town where it's being built), Neoen announced that the second stage of the project will also use Megapack 2XLs — a whopping 348 of them to combine for 341 megawatts, according to Electrek

That totals an output ability of 1.3 gigawatt hours, which will make it the biggest on the continent and one of the largest on the entire planet, according to Electrek.

For reference, 1 GWh can power around 876,000 homes for an entire year, which means 1.3 GWh can power over a million homes during the same amount of time, according to Carbon Collective Investment.

"The project is located near the town of Collie, on the country of the Wilman people of the Bibbulmun nation, in the Southwest region of Western Australia," the company said, per Electrek. "It will connect to Western Power's new Palmer Terminal substation in the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS), a separate network to the one on the eastern coast of Australia."

Tesla's Megapacks and other energy storage projects allow clean energy like solar power to be stored if it's not ready to be immediately used, which maximizes the efficiency of clean energy production so none of it goes to waste. 

The company is also driving the planet toward a cleaner future with other energy storage projects. Its Solar Roof systems are now compatible with the company's Powerwall systems, which lets customers store as much clean energy as possible with the devices, allowing them to save money on their electric bills by relying less on the traditional grid. 

Another Australian project, the Battery Booster program, offers government rebates to make clean energy storage at home more accessible.

Electrek users expressed their support in the comment section.

"As the world transitions to sustainable energy, Tesla energy is growing exponentially and could be bigger than their automotive business end of decade IMO," one user said.

"There's a lot of money to be made in both Megapacks and Superchargers," another user wrote.

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