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Expert breaks down what the US needs to do before jumping on the high-speed railway bandwagon: 'You require two main things'

"So what [you're] saying is there's opportunity to create a lot of jobs by building a new railway?"

"So what [you're] saying is there's opportunity to create a lot of jobs by building a new railway?"

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Many Americans have been eagerly hoping for a new railway system after incredible experiences on high-speed railway trains abroad have garnered attention.  

TikToker Talkin' Trains (@talkintrains) recently took to the social media platform to focus on the practical side of things, though, and broke down what needs to happen for high-speed rail to become a reality. 

"Did you know that if you took a high-speed train and ran it at full speed on American tracks, it would almost certainly crash?" he asked. "This is because train tracks are rated for a maximum speed."

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He goes on to explain that "you require two main things" for train tracks to support higher-speed travel. 

"One, the turning radius has to be about six to 10 times as big," he says, adding "the tracks have to be a little bit banked, or at an angle," so that the train doesn't get derailed by the force of its inertia. 

Another hurdle to overcome is the fact that roughly 1% of train tracks in the U.S. are electrified. Talkin' Trains pointed out that diesel-fueled trains, which cause significant air pollution, simply can't reach top speeds. 

Safety is also a factor to consider, according to the TikToker, who said that "a little courtesy choo-choo before barreling through an intersection" isn't going to be enough, as most railroad crossings in the U.S. have pedestrians and street traffic crossing at ground level.

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Talkin' Trains concludes with optimism but acknowledges "our work is cut out for us" to bring high-speed rail to the country. 

Thankfully, the anticipated breakthrough for this convenient and more planet-friendly mode of transportation seems like it's in the works, with federal funds being invested in multiple projects across the country. 

The Houston-to-Dallas connection would utilize Japan's Shinkansen technology, while a California-Nevada route is expected to serve millions. 

In Florida, Brightline's high-speed railfunded by private investors — officially began taking passengers between Orlando and Miami in September

TikTok was fully engaged with the explainer by Talkin' Trains, with nearly 90,000 users liking the clip and many sharing their longing for railway travel in the comments section.

"So what [you're] saying is there's opportunity to create a lot of jobs by building a new railway," one person wrote. 

"U.S. is soooooo behind on modern train travel," another user lamented. 

"I love trains so much I want them everywhere," someone else shared. 

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